Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dr. Switzer's method doesn't always work...

I've been so caught up in life and love and loss there just hasn't been time or motivation to write about it. In the same way I treat living with a chronic condition, going long periods of time during which I avoid medical intervention by telling my head to shut up and letting my body get on with taking care of itself*, I have just lived each day as it came and tried help everyone get through it as best we could.

A pair of socks I recently finished are full of processing and 'knitting through it'. The color reminds me of a great gift my daughter Carey gave me when she was eight or nine years old - a very wise show of her support when I was trying to quit smoking. The color reference is because there are green beans in the can - which Carey says are actually 'grean' - and it's the exact color as the green stripes in the socks.

My very own can of Fancy Whoop-Ass!

That can of Fancy Whoop-Ass is still in my cupboard and has served as a reminder many times that yes, I am accountable to other people in my life, but ultimately to myself.  Sometimes I have to think of taking out that can o' Whoop-Ass and using it to power through a situation; not to 'get over it', or get around it, but get through it. Any other route one takes is a risk because there is healing and learning that must happen, and it usually starts in the middle of the path. A crass symbol of that thought process, maybe, but very effective for me!
Sunrise Socks by WendyKnits in Lion Brand Sock-Ease

For those of you who haven't heard of Dr. Switzer, here is a favorite video.

This has been a great reference for me, along with my can of Whoop-Ass, but here is some important advice: Dr. Switzer's method does not work in the middle of a full-blown meltdown. Now we've come to the point where I have to admit to coming to that realization. Ages ago, you must be thinking, right? um... no. In fact it only became crystal clear today. Maybe I should have opened that can years ago when I wasn't figuring that lesson out!

*Not necessarily a recommended method of self-care, but one that works well for me as I tend to dwell on things too much. Surround me with chocolate and I'll think of chocolate - immerse me in medication and specialist appointments and I'll think more about being unwell and unfortunate and less about how to really be!

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